Massapequa High School

Class of 1961

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(Standing) Alex Scarpellini '62, Ellen Sesskincombs '63, Jim Reardon, Lori (Legotti) Triail '63, Tom Littera, Art Weber,
Judy Perfido, Bill Lee, Artie Versichelli, Jim Casey, Connie (Mannara) Versichelli, Ellen Marcopoulos,
Donna (Brophy) Casey, Peter Gans, Julia (Consoli) Catoggio, Tom Valentino, Richard Warnke,
Arlene (Retzlaff) Horn, ???, Bob Buff, Geoffrey Morrissey, Carol (Klopfer) Fenelli, Gregory Stenger,
Marie (Giordano) Stenger, Rich Fenelli, Peter Hutcheon, Barbara Hutcheon, Fred Black, Grace Shand '63.

(Seated) Barbara and Ron Legotti, Dolores (Hund) Hurst, Judi (Stutter) Lee, Eileen (Ziegelbauer) Trainor,
Marilyn (Hayes) Kells, Betty (Bellino) Valentino, Barbara (Winkleston) Bellassai .

50th Anniversary Photos

Barbara (Winkleston) Bellassai Photos
Barbara (Winkleston) Bellassai Photos

"New Photos from Art Schweithelm, including:
B&W's from 1950's,   Newspapers,   Senior Banquet,   and the 30th Reunion.

If you think we may not have your contact information, please send your e-mail address, phone #, and address to Barbara.

Barbara (Winkleston) Bellassai: email (516 799-5086)

Marilyn (Hayes) Kells: email

If you are in contact with other classmates, please forward their addresses also. Contact information for most classmates on our list is anywhere from 5 to 10 years old. Just imagine how many have moved or changed email addresses or phone numbers in that time. Thanks.

Who Came to the 55th Reunion

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