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30th Reunion Photos

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30th Reunion Photos
August 30, 1991
Karl'sMariners Inn, Northport

How the 30th Reunion Came to Be

Several weeks before Labor Day Weekend of 1991, Fred Black and Jim Reardon called me and announced that they were coming East to celebrate our class's 30th reunion. For some reason a reunion had not been planned so I thought it would be fun to try and organize a "Last Minute" reunion. Unfortunately there was only enough time to reach 82 of our classmates over the next two weeks. We had 72 people attend the cocktail party and dinner of which 42 were members of our class.

It was a great evening and we were all thankful when Holly Horton picked up the ball for our 40th reunion. Sadly, Holly passed away before the reunion at which point Barbara, Pat and Paul followed Holly's lead and brought it all together on August 11, 2001. I hope you enjoy the pictures that turned up from our 30th and with my memory getting a little sketchy, I hope most of the names are correct.

-- Art Schweithelm

Art's Home, Northport NY, August 30, 1991

Fred Black & Art-Opening Ceremonies.

Art Weber, Fred Black, Art & Jim Reardon-Traditional singing of "Scotch & Soda" at midnight.

Karl's Mariners Inn, Northport NY, August 31, 1991

Flip (Birbiglia) & Bill Cummings, Dick Davey & wife Carol, John Quirk & Art Weber.

Mary Jo Crino, Nancy (Entersz '62) & John Downey, Ollie (The Massapequa Chief) Dorsey, Bill Cummings.

John Gyulay ('59 or '60), Joan (Bertolami) & husband Peter Logan, Martha Green (Bill's wife), Ann (Bellajac) Szwech & Dione (Andriola) Leonard.

Art, Jim Amen, Art Weber & Fred Black.

Our Hostesses for the evening: Megan (14) & Laura (16) Schweithelm.

Ralph Crino & wife Mary Jo, Nancy (Entersz '62) & John Downey, Joan (Bertolami) & husband Peter Logan, Tim Butts & wife Susan.

Dick Davey & wife Carol, ????, George & Valerie (Dwyer) Reh, John Quirk, Ollie (The Massapequa Chief) Dorsey, Bill & Flip (Birbiglia) Cummings, ????.

Trudy Renken, Sandy (Hendrickson) & Ed Braun, Vivian (Cuomo) & husband William Maher, Don Golden????.

Jim Reardon & wife Pam, Fred Black, Carol (Bain) & husband Vinnie Cannuscio, Dean Dobbin & wife Leslie.

Jim Amen, John Quirk, Bernadette (Maselek) Dawson, Ann (Bellajac) Szwech, Bill Green & wife Martha, ????.

Lee Wieczorek, Gail (Cesario) & husband Anthony Maurino, Paula Alfano, Marie Giordano & husband Steger, Eileen (Ziegelbauer) Trainor, Marilyn (Hayes) & husband Bill Kells.

Bob Buff & Barbara, Rebel (Tomlin) & husband Joe Pallotti, Marie (Giordano) and husband Greg Stenger, Carol Davey (Dick's wife).

Ed Pesce & wife Linda, Karen (Bartoli) & Jack Chimenti Purves, Dione (Andriola) Leonard, Tony Lotito & wife Joy, John Gyulay & guest.

The 3_ (30th) year reunion cake. Who ate the "0"??

John Downey, Ralph Crino & John Quirk.

Bob Broz, Ed Braun & Fred Black.

Reunion Tour-September 1, 1991

Art, Art Weber, Fred Black & Jim Reardon visit MHS!

The MHS Athletic Fields. Coach Joe D. yells, "To the fence and back boys".

The bar at our old hangout "Arthurs". It's name has changed to "The Hideout Cafe." Anyone remember Jim Reardon opening clams in the little clam bar that used to be to the left of the front door? Or Art Weber getting rave reviews down the street in the kitchen at Dick & Dora's?

Alhambra Beach. We tried to master water skiing here behind Glenn Scott's boat.

Jones Beach Hotel "JBH". There were no chairs flying out of the windows on this visit!

Finally on the other side of the "JBH" bar.

Reunion Fishing Trip on Long Island Sound-September 2, 1991

We closed out the weekend on friend Percy Tatem's boat the Patriot, catching & releasing striped bass & blues.

Fred Black & Jim Reardon relax before flights back to Seattle, WA and Franklin, OH.

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