Massapequa High School - Class of 1961

Mrs. Taubert's 5th Grade Class

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This picture is a gem! There is a front - and a back!!!

It is one of two sent by Mary Ellen (Palm)Dwyer. As the guy putting this on the web 47 years after it was taken, hoping to identify as many students as possible, I just wish I could give the teacher, Mrs. Taubert a big hug. She guaranteed that we would know the identity of each student by having each one sign the back of the photo. Plus, the photo contains an exact date and location.

As you scroll down you will first come to the photo and then to the names on the back. I have not tried to figure out which signature goes with which student. That is your first challenge. Your second is to figure out who Kathy and Ronald are. If you know, or have a guess, please let me know.

Barbara Bellassai says Kathy is Kathy Honeyhouse. Ronald is still unknown.

Mrs. Taubert's's 5th Grade Class

Mrs. Taubert's's 5th Grade Class-Signatures

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Last Updated: March 9, 2002.