Massapequa High School

Newspaper Photos

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Newspaper Photos

Do you remember these newspaper columns in the Massapequa Post?
Campus Chatter-Joan Solomon & Henry Churchbourne; Pequa Pow Wow-Bruce Buxton; Warming the Bench-Paul Goldberg; Campus Chatter-Joan Solomon.

Chief Chat Photos

Vahak Deersarkissian: Versatile Chemist.

Ralph Crino, Rich Warnke

Junior Prom-King, Queen & their Court.

Sketches: Rebel Tomlin, Carol Bain, Art Weber & Denis Tyras.

Joan Solomon, John Quirk.

Eight of MHS's nine National Merit semi-finalists:
(Back row) Russell Wheeler, Peter Hutcheon, Neal Gumbman, Denis Tyras, Steven Kanner.
(Front row) Terrence Riley, Barbara Tolken, Thomas Hallan. Joyce Sunila, another semi-finalist, was not in the picture.

Tim Butts, Peter Hutcheon.

Steve Kanner, Paul Goldberg.

Massapequa Post Photos

Wilma Diehl, Warren McGregor, Joan Solomon at graduation.

Mayor for a Day.
Massapequa Park Mayor Robert Andrews has his gavel returned by Paul Goldberg who acted as mayor during the Youth Night observance at the Village Hall. Edward Turner, who represented the sponsoring Massapequa Elks, is at right.

Long Island Daily Press Photo

Remember the LI Press?
The Massapequa High School Freshmen won the South Shore Section 1 pennant with a 10-0 record.
(Bottom row) Ray Weeks, Bob Zavasnik, Myron Ehlers, Jim McMillan, George Sperry, Bob Broz.
(Middle row) Ed Shaar, George Reh, Frank Tufariello, Tom Ruden, Skip Ajello, Art Schweithelm, Frank Albin, Dick Kelly, Marty Goldstein.
(Back row) Manager Roger Smith, Dick Wagner, Harold Nelson, Dan Brown, Ted Kuhn, Allen Salikof, Nick Bambino, Jim Amen, Charlie McCarthy, Jim Crouch.

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