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40th Reunion Photos

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Class Photos at Huntington Town House - August 11, 2001

Sidekicks - August 10, 2001
Huntington Town House - August 11, 2001
Marjorie Post Park - August 12, 2001

Terry Giovennelli's photos
Lorraine Hudik's photos (23Sep01)
Gail Cesario's photos (7Oct01)
Rosemary Lacova's photos (15Oct01)
Art Schweithelm's photos (27Jan02)
Mary Ellen Cooke's photos (27Jan02)
Pat Mahoney's photos (8Feb02)
Carol Baruchin's photos (9Mar02)

Did we take photos? Did we ever! Nearly everyone was carrying and using a camera. It will take a little time, but we will assemble a great collection of pictures.

How are the Photos Organized?  Click here to go to the Index at the top of the page.
First, there are panoramic Class Photos taken at the Huntington Town House. Almost everyone is somewhere in there.
Second, a large number of photos are grouped into the three locations that the reunion was celebrated at. Finally, there are pictures from Classmates.

In most cases, the link to a picture will contain the names of the people in the photo. Classmates and guests will be identified in the link from left to right with rows indicated if needed (and if possible).

To locate a specific person:

Example: To find Mangels, enter "angel" in the box and press Enter.

What's With the Question Marks??? There will be some people in the pictures who are not yet identified. I am indeed sorry about this, but no one seems to know everyone. And as we get older, this is not improving.

Can You Help? Absolutely. If you know the name of someone not identified in a picture (especially if it is yourself), please click here to send me an email with your identifications. We will all be most grateful.

How Long Does it Take to see a Photo? Modem speeds vary from mosey to zoom. I have indicated the size of each photo in kilobytes (Ex: 60K). If you have a 14.4 modem, more than 50K will be painful. If you have a cable modem, life's a breeze. And there are many possibilities in between. Each of us will have to discover his or her own tolerance level.

Class Photos at Huntington Townhouse - August 11, 2001

  1. (60K) PANORAMA1

  2. (59K) PANORAMA2

  3. (79K) PANORAMA3

  4. (78K) PANORAMA4

  5. (52K) PANORAMA5 (from Rosemary Lacova)

  6. (56K) PANORAMA6 (from Rosemary Lacova)

  7. (85K) PANORAMA7 (from Rosemary Lacova)

  8. ...Puhleeze click here if you have a picture of what was literally a battery of photographers. For instance, in Panorama7 I see two hands and a camera held up behind Bill Baker's head. Can you help me???

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Sidekicks - August 10, 2001

  1. (51K)  Richard Schneider, Jack and Heidi Schnurr, Paul Franklin
  2. (52K)  Margie Heagney Keefer, Eileen Ziegelbauer, Kathy Grandia, Paul Mangels, Lee Wieczorek, Gail Cesario
  3. (44K)  Pat Kavanagh, Rosemary(Lacova)Rosso, Bill McSherry(Pat's fiance), Pat Mahoney, Richard Rosso, Gerry Lambert
  4. (55K)  MaryJo Crino, John and Nancy Downey, Peter Gans
  5. (51K)  Ed Pesce, Ed Ruby, Ralph Crino, Bill Baker
  6. (40K)  Margie Heagney Keefer, Judy Henkel
  7. (52K)  Marie(Cronin)&Joe Paterno, Janet(Colfer) and Gary('58) Carlsen, Judy Henkel
  8. (46K)  Lynda Pesce, Bill & Melanie Barnes
  9. (49K)  Paul Mangels, Marie Cronin, Connie Mannara, Janet Colfer
  10. (50K)  Barbara Winkleston, Marilyn Hayes, Paul Mangels, Lee Wieczorek, Ed Ruby

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Huntington Town House - August 11, 2001

  1. (63K)  Pat Mahoney, Pat Kavanagh, Carol Baruchin, Arthur and Connie(Mannara) Versichelli, Cynthia Mangels, Marilyn Hayes, Debbie(Barnhart) Kavanagh
  2. (61K)  Gary('58) & Janet(Colfer)Carlsen, Marie(Cronin) & Joe Paterno
  3. (59K)  Stephanie Ffrench, Carol Bain, Bruce Mason
  4. (59K)  Anthony Lotito, Richard & Rosemary(Lacova)Rosso
  5. (64K)  (standing)Marty Goldstein's sister-in-law Peggy, Marty Goldstein and his wife, Bruce Mason, Bernadette Masalek, Dolores Hund, Lorraine Smaldone,
    (seated)Marty Goldstein's brother Kenny, Teresa Mason
  6. (62K)  Marie Cronin, Pat Mahoney, Marilyn Hayes, Pat Kavanagh
  7. (61K)  The Band and the Cake, the Band and the Cake, hi, ho, ...
  8. (61K)  (back)Tim & Susan Butts, Darian Chasse(Barbara Becker's husband), Frank Pittelli(Marion Lanzarone's husband), Greg Nicholas(Mary Ellen Cooke's husband),
    (front)???, Marie Giordano
  9. (61K)  (standing)???, Ann Martin, ???, Kyle King, JoAnn(Ruhlman) Burrows, Kristine(Anderson) King, Ray Burrows,
    (seated)Shirley Lenker (yearbook p. 14), Caryl Kubinciak
  10. (63K)  (standing)Art Schweithelm, Vahak Sarkis, Pat & Kit Larose, Lorraine & Donna Hudik, Lynda & Ed Pesce,
    (seated)Betty Cobb, Peter Gans, Peggy Cobb
  11. (65K)  (standing)John Downey, Bill Baker, Carol & Dick Davy,
    (seated)???, Nancy Downey, Bill & Pat Molloy
  12. (62K)  Bob & Claire Salomone, David Lebowitz, Bob Bornholdt & his wife, Andy & Leanne Saar
  13. (65K)  (standing)Flip(Birbiglia) and Bill Cummins,
    (seated)George and Val(Dwyer) Reh
  14. (61K)  Susan White, Gigi Vittoria, Karyl Kubinciak
  15. (63K)  (back) Nancy and Howard Kupferman, John and Debbie Gyulay,
    (front) Anthony and Joy Lotito, Tom and Vicky Aiello
  16. (59K)  Jim Reardon, Jack Schnurr
  17. (61K)  Janet Fenstermacher, Denis Tyras
  18. (53K)  Tim Butts, Janet Fenstermacher, Caryl Kubinciak, Dariel(Osmun) & John Thompson
  19. (51K)  Ann Martin, Anthony Lotito, Marybeth Lewis, Tom Littera, Stephanie Ffrench
  20. (54K)  Ann Martin, Anthony Lotito, Paul Mangels, Tom Littera
  21. (60K)  Margie Heagney Keefer, Marion Lanzarone, Mary Ellen Cooke, Louisa Rivera('62)
  22. (56K)  Arlene Retzlaff, Vivian Cuomo, Bernadette Masalek
  23. (33K)  Bill Baker, Richard Davy
  24. (41K)  Gerry Lambert, Laurie Amarando, Richard DiZinno, Marty Goldstein
  25. (29K)  Tim Butts, John Quirk, Ralph Crino
  26. (37K)  Judy(Stutter) & Bill Lee
  27. (45K)  Lorraine Smaldone, Barbara Winkleston

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Marjorie Post Park - August 12, 2001

  1. (48K)  ???, ???, Don Golden (Arlene Weil's husband), Richard and Rosemary(Lacova) Rosso, Lorraine Smaldone, Dolores Hund, Gail Cesario
  2. (54K)  Pat Kavanagh, Arlene Weil, Betty Bellino, Judy Consoli
  3. (45K)  Peter Hutcheon
  4. (70K)  Paul Franklin, Jack Schnurr
  5. (51K)  Debbie(Barnhart) Kavanagh, Pat Mahoney, Pat's fiance, Lorraine Hudik's daughter Donna
  6. (67K)  Peggy and Betty Cobb
  7. (70K)  Barbara Winkleston, Bill Baker, Richard Davy and his wife
  8. (41K)  Teresa & Bruce Mason
  9. (66K)  Marty Goldstein's brother Kenny at the barbie
  10. (49K)  Pat Larose and daughter Kit, Judy Consoli, Betty Bellino
  11. (57K)  Peggy Cobb, Pat Kavanagh
  12. (46K)  Pat Kavanagh, Vahak Sarkis(Betty Cobb's husband), Debbie (Barnhart)Kavanagh, Peter Gans
  13. (39K)  Bernadette Masalek, Peter Hutcheon
  14. (10K)  Peter Hutcheon and whatta hat
  15. (62K)  Marjorie Post picnic area later in the day
  16. (57K)  Bernadette Masalek, Dolores Hund, Carol Baruchin, Kathy Cooney, Gail Cesario
  17. (58K)  Dick Schneider, Paul Franklin, Lorraine Smaldone, Barbara Winkleston (a look of great satisfaction?)

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Lorraine Hudik's Photos

  1. (49K)  Massapequa High School
  2. (21K)  Brian Blomquist and Lorraine Hudik
  3. (35K)  Lorraine Hudik and Harry Norton
  4. (25K)  Donna Sprouse (Lorraine Hudik's daughter) and Vahak Sarkis
  5. (28K)  Lorraine Hudik and Anthony Lotito
  6. (43K)  Ron Legotti, Lorraine Hudik, ???
  7. (31K)  Richard Warnke, Kathleen Cooney, Vahak Sarkis
  8. (26K)  Gail Cesario, Pat Larose, Pat's daughter Kit
  9. (31K)  Vahak & Betty(Cobb) Sarkis
  10. (24K)  Pat Larose, Gail Cesario
  11. (45K)  Barbara Winkleston, Kathleen Cooney, Kathy Grandia, Peter Hutcheon, Lorraine Hudik

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Gail Cesario's Photos

  1. (41K)  Pat Larose, Paula Alfano, Pat Kavanagh
  2. (17K)  Gail Cesario, Arlene Weil
  3. (25K)  George and Val(Dwyer) Reh
  4. (21K)  Ann Martin, Caryl Kubinciak
  5. (33K)  Arlene Retzlaff, Laurie Amarando, Susan Trotter
  6. (32K)  Marion Lanzarone, Lorraine Smaldone, Bernadette Masalek, Dolores Hund, Bruce Mason
  7. (22K)  Kathy Cooney, Richard Warnke
  8. (34K)  Vahak and Betty(Cobb)Sarkis, Paul Mangels
  9. (47K)  Donna Giaquinto, Pat(Mahoney) & Joe McSherry
  10. (50K)  Peter Gans, Peggy Cobb, Paul Franklin
  11. (45K)  Gail Cesario, Arlene Weil, Betty Bellino, Judy Consoli
  12. (45K)  Pat Larose, Judy Consoli, Betty Bellino
  13. (30K)  Barbara Winkleston, Richard Schneider
  14. (38K)  Gail Cesario, Richard and Rosemary(Lacova)Rosso
  15. (46K)  Betty Bellino, Judy Consoli, Richard and Dolores(Hund)Hurst
  16. (34K)  Dolores Hund, Carol Baruchin, Lorraine Hudik
  17. (30K)  Kathy Cooney, Pat Larose's daughter Kit, Lorraine Hudik's daughter Donna, Pat Larose (now this is how we turned around at Jamaica!)

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Rosemary Lacova's Photos

  1. (17K)  Pat Mahoney and fiance Bill McEnery
  2. (17K)  Arlene(Weil) & Don Golden
  3. (25K)  Arlene Weil, Trudy Renken, Pat Mahoney, Rosemary Lacova
  4. (18K)  Trudy Renken, Richard Rosso(Rosemary Lacova's husband)
  5. (27K)  Jim & Penny(Perlman)Walzer, Richard & Rosemary(Lacova) Rosso, Arlene(Weil) & Don Golden
  6. (30K)  Art Weber, Gail Cesario, Art Schweithelm, Trudy Renken
  7. (16K)  Richard Rosso and Pat Kavanagh
  8. (33K)  Frank Tufariello, Debbie(Barnhart) Kavanagh, Gerry Lambert
  9. (22K)  Pat Mahoney and fiance Bill McEnery
  10. (19K)  Lorraine Smaldone
  11. (23K)  Marion Lanzarone, Mary Ellen Cooke
  12. (25K)  Val(Dwyer) & George Reh
  13. (30K)  Ray & JoAnn(Ruhlman) Burrows
  14. (19K)  Sam & Carol Ann Mascia
  15. (24K)  Sandy & Ed Braun
  16. (24K)  Gail Cesario, Frank Tufariello
  17. (29K)  Debbie(Barnhart) & Pat Kavanagh
  18. (21K)  Rosemary(Lacova) & Richard Rosso
  19. (24K)  Greg & Mary Ellen(Cooke) Nicholas

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Art Schweithelm's Photos

  1. (47K)  Fred Black, Richard Fahn, Art Weber, Dan Donohue, Richard Warnke
  2. (41K)  Art Schweithelm, Art Weber, Fred Black
  3. (42K)  Art Weber, Jim Reardon
  4. (35K)  Peter Weber, Fred Black + Goodies
  5. (28K)  Richard & Eva Warnke
  6. (28K)  Marilyn & Jim Reardon
  7. (35K)  Jim Reardon & Art Schweithelm
  8. (34K)  Sharon Black & Richard Warnke
  9. (38K)  Fred Black & ALFIE!
  10. (49K)  Jim Reardon, Art Weber, Fred Black, Art Schweithelm
  11. (70K)  Peter & Kathy Weber, Sharon Black, Art Weber, Gerry Lambert, Fred Black, Art Schweithelm, Jim & Marilyn Reardon
  12. (54K)  Bob Buff, John Quirk, Art Schweithelm
  13. (39K)  Vahak Sarkis, Kathy Cooney, Art Schweithelm
  14. (60K)  Peter Gans, Sandy (Henderson)Braun, Harry Norton, Ed Braun
  15. (35K)  Bruce & Teresa Mason
  16. (53K)  Richard Warnke, Kathy Cooney, Carol Bain, Tim Butts

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Mary Ellen Cooke's Photos

  1. (41K)  Barbara Becker, Val(Dwyer) & George Reh, Marion Lanzarone, Mary Ellen Cooke
  2. (31K)  Bill Baker, Carol & Dick Davy, Mary Ellen Cooke
  3. (32K)  Mary Ellen Cooke, Rosemary (Lacova)Rosso, Arlene Weil, Richard Rosso
  4. (30K)  Marion(Lanzarone) & Frank Pittelli, Barbara(Becker) & Darian Chasse

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Pat Mahoney's Photos

  1. (38K)  Barbara(Winkleston) & John Bellassai
  2. (68K)  (standing)Maureen(McCarthy) & Alex Rendon, Dick Schneider, ??? & Arlene(Retzlaff) Horn, Goeffrey & Laurie(Amarando) Morrissey, ???
    (seated) ???, Gigi Vittoria, Susan White
  3. (69K)  (standing)Gary('58) & Janet(Colfer)Carlsen, Joe & Marie(Cronin) Paterno, ???, Bill Barnes, Tom D'Angelo, Bill Maher
    (seated) ???, Melanie Barnes(Bill's wife), Peggy Stacey (aka Mimi) (w/Tom D'Angelo), Vivian(Cuomo) Maher
  4. (71K)  (standing)Marybeth Lewis, Stephanie Ffrench, Frank Tufariello, Richard & Rosemary(Lacova) Rosso, Trudy Renken, Bill & Judy(Stutter) Lee
    (seated) ???, Denis & Linda Tyras
  5. (60K)  (standing)Don Golden (Arlene Weil's husband), Tom & Betty(Bellino) Valentine, Phil & Judy(Consoli)Catoggio, Carol Ann & Sam Mascia, Tom Littera
    (seated)Arlene Weil, Penny(Perlman) & Jim Walzer, Linda & Dick Dizzino
  6. (63K)  (standing)Dariel(Osmun) & John Thompson, Christina DiLeo, Bob & Elaine(Wittman)Reimers, Linda(Willard) & Ray Barrett, Linda (Prochilo) & Lance Landgraf
    (seated)Janet Fenstermacher, Jack & Heidi Schnurr
  7. (62K)  (standing)Marty Goldstein's brother Kenny, Barbara & Marty Goldstein, Terry Giovenelli , Bruce & Teresa Mason, Bernadette Masalek, Dolores Hund, Lorraine Smaldone

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Carol Baruchin's Photos

  1. (39K)  Phil & Judy(Consoli) Cattogio, Barbara Winkleston, Betty(Bellino) & Tom Valentine
  2. (29K)  Phil & Judy(Consoli) Cattogio
  3. (29K)  Barbara(Winkleston) & John Bellassai, Judy Henkel, Pat Mahoney (in front)
  4. (29K)  Marty & Barbara Goldstein
  5. (27K)  (standing)Terry Giovenelli, Marilyn Hayes, Connie Mannara,
    (seated)Barbara Winkleston, Marie Giordano, Carol Baruchin
  6. (33K)  Pat(Mahoney) & Joe McSherry, Richard & Rosemary(LaCova) Rosso, Debbie(Barnhart) Kavanagh, Vahak Sarkis

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