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45th Reunion Photos

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Timber Point Country Club Photos - July 15, 2006

Did we take photos? We did it again, but this year it looks like we all went digital.

How are the Photos Organized? The link to a picture will contain the names of the people in the photo. Classmates and guests are identified in the link from left to right with rows indicated if needed (and if possible).

What's With the Question Marks??? There will be some people in the pictures who are not yet identified. I am indeed sorry about this, but no one seems to know everyone. And as we get older, this is not improving.

Can You Help? Absolutely. If you know the name of someone not identified in a picture (especially if it is yourself), please click here to send me an email with your identifications. We will all be most grateful.

To locate a specific person:

Example: To find Mangels, enter "angel" in the box and press Enter.

The Timber Point Country Club - July 15, 2006

    Jane Magner's Pictures (Big Thanks for being our principal picture taker)
  1.  Betty (Cobb) with husband Vahak Sarkis and Barbara (Winkleston)Bellassai
  2.  Bill Green with wife Martha and Gail (Cesario)Maurino
  3.  Gladys (Dinanny) with husband Erik Zelman
  4.  Gladys (Dinanny) with husband Erik Zelman
  5.  Terry (Giovennelli) with husband Joe McSherry
  6.  Marie (Giordano) with husband Greg Stenger
  7.  Carol (Berger)with husband Bob Ruth
  8.  Alan Bredberg with friend Pat Fox '62
  9.  Ron Legotti with Barbara Butler
  10.  45th Reunion cake
  11.  Maureen(McCarthy) with husband Alex Rendon
  12.  John and Kathryn Quirk with Karyl (Kubinciak) Sickul(center)
  13.  Terry (Giovenneli), Alex & Maureen (McCarthy) Rendon
  14.  Shirley Lenker, Laurie (Amarando)with husband Geoffrey Morrissey
  15.  Laurie (Amarando) and husband Geoffrey Morrissey
  16.  Bill and wife Martha Green
  17.  Our band Express
  18.  Carol (Berger)Ruth
  19.  Bruce Mason with his wife Theresa
  20.  Ron Legotti
  21.  Betty (Bellino) with husband Tom Valentine
  22.  Betty (Bellino) with husband Tom Valentine
  23.  Julia (Consoli) with her husband Phillip Cattoggio
  24.  Julia (Consoli) with her husband Phillip Cattoggio
  25.  Connie (Mannara) with her husband Artie Versichelli
  26.  Barbara (Winkleston) with her husband John Bellassai '60
  27.  Barbara (Winkleston) with her husband John Bellassai '60
  28.  Lorraine (Smaldone)Whitaker and Doug Caldwell'60
  29.  Bernadette (Masalek) Dawson and Dolores (Hund)Hurst
  30.  Alan Bredberg and Pat Fox '62
  31.  Carol (Berger) with husband Bob Ruth
  32.  Tim and Susan Butts
  33.  Peter Hutcheon with friend Karen Mitchell
  34.  Peter Hutcheon with friend Karen Mitchell
  35.  Bill Green with their friend and our photographer Jane Magner '79
  36.  John and Kathryn Quirk
  37.  Gladys (Dinnany)Zelman and Barbara (Winkleston)Bellassai
  38.  Gladys (Dinnany)Zelman and Barbara (Winkleston)Bellassai
  39.  Barbara (Winkleston) and husband John Bellassai '60
  40.  Alan Bredberg and Pat Fox '62
  41.  Betty (Bellino) with husband Tom Valentine
  42.  Betty (Bellino) with husband Tom Valentine
  43.  Tom Littera and Arlene(Retzlaff) Horn
  44.  Ron Legotti, Bruce Mason, Paul Mangels, Terry (Giovenelli)McSherry, Gail (Cesario)Maurino, Dolores (Hund)Hurst, Bill Green & Vahak Sarkis
  45.  Doug Caldwell '60, Lorraine (Smaldone) Whitaker, Bernadette (Masalek)Dawson in background
  46.  Bill & Martha Green
  47.  Carol (Berger) and husband Bob Ruth
  48.  Marie (Giordano) with husband Greg Stenger
  49.  Jane Magner, Bill and Martha Green's friend
  50.  Geri (Wilson) Taylor, John and Kathryn Quirk, Nancy (Lane) Hansel
  51.  Art Schweithelm, Tim and Susan Butts
  52.  John Downey
  53.  Joe and Terry (Giovenelli) McSherry, Marie (Giordano)
  54.  Gail Cesario, Bill Green, Betty (Cobb)
  55.  Bill Green's wife Martha
  56.  John Downey
  57.  John Quirk
  58.  Ron Legotti with Barbara Butler
  59.  Alan Bredberg and Sam Mascia
  60.  Pat Fox '62
  61.  Carol (Berger) and husband Bob Ruth
  62.  Paul Mangels
  63.  Lorraine (Smaldone)Whitaker and Doug Caldwell'60
  64.  Terry (Giovennelli) with husband Joe McSherry
  65.  Lorraine (Smaldone)Whitaker and Doug Caldwell'60
  66.  Tim Butts and Geraldine Wilson
  67.  Connie (Mannara) with her husband Artie Versichelli
  68.  Connie (Mannara)
  69. Paul Mangels' Pictures -->

  70.  Jane Magner, Bill and Martha Green
  71.  Jim Reardon, Paul Mangels, Peter Hutcheon, John Downey
  72.  Marie (Giordano) with husband Greg Stenger, Terry (Giovennelli) with husband Joe McSherry
  73.  Carol Berger, Alan Bredberg, Pat Fox '62, Jim Reardon
  74.  Carol Berger, Paul Mangels, Pat Fox '62, Jim Reardon
  75.  Gathering on the Patio
  76.  Gathering on the Patio
  77.  Art Schweithelm, Tom D'Angelo, Jim Reardon
  78.  The Wall of the Chiefs
  79. Dolores Hurst's Pictures

  80.  Lorraine Smaldone, Marilyn Hayes, Barbara Bellassai
  81.  Julia Consoli and Betty Bellino
  82.  Elvis and Connie Mannara
  83.  Jim Reardon, Art Schweithelm, John Downey, Tim Butts
  84.  Doug Caldwell '60, Peter Gans, Tom Littera, Sam Mascia
  85.  Elvis
  86.  Elvis
  87.  Laurie(Amarando) with husband Geoffrey Morrissey
  88.   Pat (Mitchell) Schweitzer, Maureen(McCarthy) Renden, Shirley Lenker, John Downey
  89.   Gail(Cesario) Maurino, Paul Mangels
  90.   Martha Green, Gail(Cesario) Maurino, Paul Mangels
  91.   Ron Legotti
  92.   Art Schweithelm, Susan and Tim Butts
  93.   Art Schweithelm, Dolores Hurst, Tim Butts
  94.   Carol(Berger) Ruth, Geri(Wilson) Taylor, Goeffrey Morrissey, ???, Laurie(Amarando) Morrissey, Greg and Marie(Giordano) Stenger, Terry(Giovenelli) and Joe McSherry, Pat Fox '62, and Alan Bredberg
  95.   (Standing) Julia(Consoli) Cattoggio, Terry(Giovenelli) Morrissey, Betty(Bellino) Valentine, (Seated) Connie (Mannara) Versichelli, Barbara(Winkleston) Bellassai
  96.   (Standing) Marilyn(Hayes), Dolores(Hund) Hurst, Julia(Consoli), Laurie (Amarando), Terry(Giovenelli) Morrissey, Betty(Bellino) Valentine, (Seated) Connie (Mannara) Versichelli, Barbara(Winkleston) Bellassai
  97.   Dolores (Hund) Hurst, Bernadette (Masalek) Dawson, Lorraine (Smaldone) Whitaker
  98.   Betty (Cobb) with husband Vahak Sarkis
  99.   Barbara (Winkleston) Bellassai, Martha and Bill Green, ???
  100.   Terry(Giovennelli) and Joe McSherry, Greg and Marie (Giordano) Stenger, Martha and Bill Green
  101.   Joe McSherry, Marilyn Hayes, Marie (Giordano) and husband Greg Stenger
  102.   Alan Bredberg, Bruce Mason, Betty (Cobb)
  103.   Tom Littera, Dolores (Hund) Hurst, Peter Hutcheon, ???
  104.   Bruce Mason, John Bellassai
  105.   John Bellassai, Betty Bellino, Theresa Mason, Marilyn Hayes
  106.   Marilyn Hayes, Barbara Bellassai, not a '61, Connie Mannara, Julia Consoli
  107.   ???, Martha Green, Barbara Bellassai
  108.   Marilyn Hayes
  109. Picture from Gladys Dinnany

  110.  Marilyn (Hayes) and Gladys (Dinnany)Zelman

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