Massapequa High School - Class of 1961

Do You Know These Kids?

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Hold your hands up high where I can see them!

Why? Because, below is a picture taken in 1951 that has 5 of our classmates in it.
Your mission is to try to identify those 5 without looking at the caption just below the picture. So...

Lower your hands to the mouse and keyboard.

Need a hint? I'll bet you do! I sure did! The five children are:

Audrey Wolff Party - 1951

Newspaper photo contributed by Judy Stutter.
Thanks to Judy and her family for doing such a fine job of preserving it.

This page has got to grow!

If you have any old pictures that have any of us in them, or just scenes of Massapequa from the 1950s, and would like to help me get them on our website, please click here to contact me.

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Last Updated: March 9, 2002.